*Interview in Tique art paper 2 November 2017

* Article about PINK CUBE in the new book Artist-Run Europe: Practice/Projects/Spaces
published by Onomatopee, Eindhoven 2016

* Article/interview about the art scene in Oslo and Battle #21 in Elephant #27 2016

* PINK CUBE 5 YEARS OLD! Interview in the Norwegian art magazine Billedkunst #1 2016

* Article/interview about the art scene in Oslo and PINK CUBE: There's something about Norway
Travel + Leisure Magazine (NYC)

* Battle #19 in the Norwegian newspapers Aftenposten and Klassekampen

* Video clip from Battle #18 at SUPERMARKET Art Fair in the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet

* Spring 2015: Recommendation in the Oslo Guide (Norwegian)

* December 2014: Interview KUNSTforum #4 2014 Norwegian and short version in English

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* Video and pictures from the performative lecture by writer Vilde Horvei and PINK CUBE proprietor Anja Carr about PINK CUBE and Carr's practice in general, Open Forum, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo (English)

* Pictures from PINK CUBE and the other spaces at Oslo Gallery Weekend at

* Review of the exhibition Battle #13: Bård Ask vs. Lars Brekke by Kjetil Røed at

* PINK CUBE in Frieze Magazine (UK) and Dazed and Confused Magazine (UK)

* PINK CUBE is the winner of the Oslo-price Best art 2012


Above: posters by Anja Carr, Vacancy by True Solvang Vevatne 2015 (middle)

Above: Battle #21: True Solvang Vevatne vs. Rita Marhaug
True Solvang Vevatne: All ways, 2016 (left, in front), performance by Rita Marhaug 2016 (right)

Above: Battle #20: Nadine Byrne (SE) vs. Javier Barrios (NO/NY)
Poster by Anja Carr, Point, Breaking (Minds Look Alike 2) by Nadine Byrne 2015 (middle)

Exhibition: Battle #19: Bakketun/Ballo/Norum (NO) vs. Brookman/White (CO/IL) 2015
with Andrea Bakketun, Petter Ballo, Christian Norum, Hannah Brookman and Becca White

Battle #18: Trollkrem (NO) vs. Kirsty Kross (AU) @ SUPERMARKET Stockholm Independent Art Fair 2015
Performance by Kross, installation by Trollkrem (Tor Erik Bøe&Jennie Hagevik Bringaker) and Tarik H.Hindic

Battle #17: Josefine Lyche vs. Richard Øiestad 2015

Battle #16: Olivia Dunbar (CA) vs. Henrique Saidel (BR) 2014 co-curated with Maaike Gouwenberg (NL)

Battle #15: Wyse + Gabriely (IL) vs. Birkeland + Kleiva (NY/NO) co-curated with NO WAY (London) 2014
Live-performances at the opening by Tonje Birkeland, Iselin Kleiva, Aviya Wyse and Yaeli Gabriely

Performance by Agnes Nedregard at the show Battle #14: Agnes Nedregard (NO) vs. Moray Hillary (UK)
at PINK CUBE as part of Oslo Gallery Weekend 2013

Poster for Battle #14 (left) and Battle 10: Janna Thöle-Juul (NO) vs. Fast Forward (NY) 2012 (right)

Battle #10: Janna Thöle-Juul (NO) vs. Fast Forward (NY), installation with audience, 2012

Poster for Battle #13: Bård Ask vs. Lars Brekke (left) - picture here, review here
Battle #11: Mom & Jerry (DK) vs. That Purple Stuff (NO/US) with guest star EVERBABE (NO) 2012 (right)

Battle #08: Tommy Olsson vs. Unni Askeland
video by Olsson (left), paintings by Olsson (middle) and painting by Askeland (left) 2012

Exhibition opening Battle #08: Tommy Olsson vs. Unni Askeland 2012