* May 16th - June 1st 2014: Battle 15: Wyse + Gabriely (Haifa, IL) vs. Birkeland + Kleiva (Brooklyn, NY/Oslo, NO) in collaboration with guest-curator Charlotte Jansen, NO WAY (London, UK)

* August 2014: Guest-curator Maaike Gouwenberg (Rotterdam, NL)

* February 10th 2014: Performative lecture by PINK CUBE proprietor Anja Carr and arthistory student and writer Vilde Horvei about PINK CUBE and Carr's practice in general, Open Forum, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo.

* The show Battle 13 at PINK CUBE is nominated for the Oslo-prize
Best Art 2013, interview (in Norwegian)

* Interview in ArtSceneTrondheim about PINK CUBE and other projects (in

* Interview in Måg Magazine #13 page 78 - 93 (English)

* Pictures from PINK CUBE and the other spaces at Oslo Gallery Weekend
at Kunstkritikk.no

* Review of the exhibition Battle 13: Bård Ask vs. Lars Brekke by Kjetil Røed
at Kunstkritikk.no

* PINK CUBE in April issue of Frieze Magazine

* Article about PINK CUBE in the e-version of Dazed and Confused

* PINK CUBE is the winner of the Oslo-price "Best art 2012"

* PINK CUBE 2 years January 28th 2013 with 12 exhibitions so far!

* Article about PINK CUBE in the new journal PARAGONE#1 Dec 2012

* Pictures from the art fair WHAT A MESS! at Kunstforum.as

* PINK CUBE at Nasjonalgalleriet, NRK 2012 (Norwegian TV-program)

From the online magazine Måg #13, inteview page 78 - 93, read it here


Performance by Agnes Nedregard at the show Battle 14: Agnes Nedregard (NO) vs. Moray Hillary (UK) May - June 2013 at PINK CUBE as part of Oslo Gallery Weekend

Poster Battle 14 (left) and Battle 10: Janna Thöle-Juul (NO) vs. Fast Forward (NY) Nov 2012 (right)

Poster Battle 13 April - May 2013 (left) and Battle 11: Mom & Jerry (DK) vs. That Purple Stuff (NO/US) with guest star EVERBABE (NO) Dec 2012 (right)